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Remote control of heat stations is among the most powerful methods for saving energy. This the reason why Brunata developed it‘s own SCADA system - SiDiO for remote monitoring and control of stations. It is suitable for managing large heat networks of substations.

The results based on our operating systems with SiDiO, indicate energy savings up to 20%, especially in public buildings, where the regime of occupation is identical for all residents, like schools, public buildings, etc.

Maintenance of substations is a useful addition to remote monitoring and control. The cleaning of filter elements before the start of the season combined with technical advice during the heating season ensures optimal operation of the substation, thus resulting in the required energy efficiency.

How does it work?

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SiDiO enables 24/7 monitoring of the substation in real time over the Internet. For performance tuning or adjustment in the operating mode of the substation, there is no longer required site visit by a service technician. The information for all operating parameters of the station is fed continuously, while changing the settings can be done online at any time. Management of each substation is in the hands of experienced professionals, which together with the client can choose the best mode for better comfort of the occupants and optimal bills.

System alarms are included in the software, who continuously monitors defaulting operation of the equipment. The operator receives a signal for any deviation from the set parameters or fault condition, in order to take timely measures.


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