Consulting for establishment of heat networks

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Our comprehensive engineering service for heat networsk is designed for investors, developers, technical executives, managers or building owners who want to optimize their activities by joining the district heating network.

Our complex service Brunata includes:

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- Design, coordination and building heating networks for district heating;

- Supply and installation of substations;

- Supply and installation of apartment heat meters;

- Measurement of heat and water and heat accounting

-  SCADA monitoring and control of the substations


Our completed projects include:

- Business Park, Sofia; Investor Lindner Bulgaria;

- Tsarigradski Complex, Sofia; Investor Sofia Building Company;

- Pearls of Mladost, Sofia; Investor Sport Market Ltd;

- Tulip Lagera, Sofia; Investor Planex Build Ltd;

- Multi-purpose building "The Corner", Sofia;

- Hermes Park Sofia, Sofia; Investor Carrefour

- Multifunctional building Sopharma Towers, Sofia

- Business building Sofia One – 1, Business Park Sofia



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