Compact heat substations for wall mounting Dalsia Brunata W

Dalsia Brunata W is a compact heat substation for the indirect district heating that can be wall mounted. Similar to a domestic size boiler it has universal application and features all the necessary equipment to provide the building with efficient heating while requiring minimum space. The capacity is from 15kW to 130kW.


The compact design with logical systems configuration makes Dalcia Brunata W easy for transportation,

assembly, servicing and exploitation. Dalcia Brunata W is fully assembled, tested and functionally wired for easy and effective installation by delivery. The complete ”plug & play” solution makes the assembly phase easy for the installers, consultants and building supervisors. The product is accompanied by detailed technical documentation, complete and optional extended warranty.


  • 25kW to 100kW heating capacity
  • Compact size (900x650x330 mm) and low weight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation
  • PN 16 or PN 25
  • Heat exchanger with large thermal length
  • Flexible management and control of numerous setup options
  • Optional SCADA module SiDiO for remote control

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