Ultrasonic heat meter MULTICAL® 21

Brunata is the official distributor for Bulgaria of the Danish company Kamstrup - a leading company in the world in the measurement of energy and water.

Kamstrup ultrasonic water meters are designed for different purposes - from individual water metering to water metering for industrial use. They are characterized by uncompromising precision and durability. A built-in radio module for remote reading is included.

Ultrasonic meters Kamstrup Multical® 21:

Kamstrup Multical® 21 is an ultrasonic meter without moving parts, which, unlike the standard meter is resistant to wear. The meter body is vacuum-sealed to avoid any risk of moisture and condensation.

The meter has integrated radio transmitter for fast remote data transfer.

Features of the device:

• Ultrasonic measurement for precise accuracy

• Low initial flow

• Water meters have undergone initial metrological verification.


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