Electronic heat cost allocator Brunata Futura Heat+

Brunata Futura Heat+ ensures fair heat cost allocation

Futura Heat is an electronic heat cost allocator which only measures the actual consumption in a home and can be read remotely daily at short intervals. Brunata believes actual measurements ensure a fair cost allocation because people only pay for their own heating consumption and we find daily readings optimal, because they give the consumer continuous access to new information and the opportunity to change habits when required.

External heat sources filtered out

Due to a patented measuring principle, Future Heat can distinguish between heat transmitted to the radiator from the heating system (plus heat) and heat transmitted to the radiator from the surroundings (minus heat). Only heating from the central heating system is registered as consumption. That makes Future Heat a completely accurate heating meter within the range 0 ºC - 105 ºC. (Other meters typically set a start limit after which the meter begins to register heating consumption, for instance 18 ºC).


Read more about Brunata Future Heat in the datasheet and the user information below.



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