Heat cost allocation with monthly reading

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The monthly reading of the devices for heat cost allocation can be done both locally and remotely, when appliances are equipped with a radio module. Brunata recommends the following devices for remote reading: OpTherma water meters, Kamstrup heat meters and heat cost allocators OpTherma and others.

How Brunata’s system for remote reading works?

To avoid losing time for our customers Brunata developed remote reading system. The solution is wireless and simple, and at very affordable price. The system records the data from the devices for remote reading Brunata, as they all are equipped with a radio transmitter. The data is recorded using a remote receiver without entering directly into the client home. The data are then transferred to our server. The system can be used for both monthly and annual reading.

Advantages of remote reading

• No need of access to apartments

• No waste of time for the customer

• Simultaneous reading of all units in the building

• Minimum risk of errors

Brunata’s radio system is the ideal solution for customers who need accurate monthly bills.


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