Brunata Sensus water meters

Brunata offers water meters by the German company Sensus. They are suitable for different purposes - from individual water metering to industrial use.

The product range includes single-jet and multi-jet meters to meet the diverse requirements regarding water metering. Most of the available water meters are suitable for hot and cold water.

Brunata Sensus ETJ meters:

Brunata Sensus ETJ is a single-jet dry water meter with roller counter applicable for cold and hot water. Brunata Sensus ETJ has the option for remote reading with additional installation click-on radio module. Radio module has a removable battery and can be placed at any time with just one click.

Features of the device:

• Single-jet

• Protection against external magnetic fields

• Easy to read mechanical counter rotates 360 °

• Nickel-plated measuring chamber

• Measure of cold water up to 30 ° C

• Measure of warm water up to 90 ° C

• Reading in cubic meters to three decimal places

• Approved by the EU class B /horizontal installation/

• Water meters have undergone initial metrological verification.



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