Brunata Futura Comfort electronic temperature meter

Brunata Futura Comfort measures the temperature every other minute and on the basis of each measurement calculates average values, which are shown in the meter display. Brunata Futura Comfort can be used for measuring room temperature and for monitoring that the room is correctly heated. This is important for a good indoor climate and a healthy property.

The temperature meter is also available with external sensor, which allows the temperature sensor to be placed some distance from the meter itself. The meter can therefore also be used for measuring temperature in locations which are not immediately accessible, such as closed chutes or pipes.


• The meter measures the current temperature via internal or remote sensor

• The meter measures temperatures within the range -25 o C to +100 o C

• The display shows the temperature in o C and is updated every other minute

• The meter is supplied with a radio module, which transmits data to Brunata every other minute 24/7/235, if Brunata Net is installed

• The meter is available with a replaceable battery with a life of up to 10 or 15 years




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