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SiDiO is Brunata’s SCADA system for monitoring and control of district heating substations, fully developed by our specialists. The complete solution includes Internet software, hardware and additional technical support.

SiDiO is a scalable solution that can manage both individual substations and large networks.

For owners of district heating networks SiDiO system provides both individual control over individual substations and complete control through the network.

System capabilities

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SiDiO system has powerful tools for tuning and optimization of substations, and therefore the overall energy efficiency of the network can be optimized and as a result to achieve significant savings.

SiDiO continuously monitor variations in parameters and immediately alert the operator. Most of the technical problems are located remotely thanks to the alarms module and continuous supply of graphic and digital data parameters.

Thanks to the system SiDiO, network management is much more efficient, minimizing the service time and any deviation or a problem are located much faster.

The result is lower costs for maintenance of the network, reducing functional costs and better energy efficiency.