Pre-insulated pipes Foxpipes

Brunata offers pre-insulated pipes which presents under the brand FOXPIPES. Our distribution functions are complemented by design, installation and warranty service of underground and aboveground pipe laying.

FOXPIPES are mainly used for:

» Construction of underground and aboveground pipelines

» Fluid transmission at a maximum temperature of 145 ° C depending on the thermal insulation system with temperature to rise to 150 ° C for 100 hours at a time at an operating pressure up to 2.5M

The pipes contain pre-treated parts, which ensures easy welding. The thermal insulation consist of polyurethane foam core element cyclopentane and a coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.0274 W / mK.

Pre-insulated pipes and are equipped with a system to detect leaks in pipes built into the pipelines and pre-insulated elements. This system alerts emergency conditions and allows for localization of the accident. The system consists of signaling circuits, pulse and localization devices designed to detect leaks.


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