Electronic temperature meter Brunata

Electronic temperature meter Brunata Futura Comfort is designed to measure the internal or exterior temperature. The device is equipped with a radio module for remote reading, but the accumulated data can also be downloaded on site using a special computer.

Device characteristics:

• Measures the current temperature via either internal sensor or remote sensor

• Shows the temperature in o C with one (1) decimal on the display

• The range of measurement at the standard setting is -25 oC to +100 oC (248.2 K to 373.2 K with a resolution of 0.1 K)

• Supplied with radio transmitter module for remote reading as standard, but can also be supplied without this module

• Carries out measurement every second minute


Values for the 1st and 15th of every month are stored in the meter’s memory. In total, data for 52 log periods are stored, corresponding to data for 26 months.Електронните термометри Brunata Futura Comfort са предназначени за измерване на вътрешна температура. Те са оборудвани с радиомодул за дистанционно отчитане, но натрупаните данни могат да бъдат свалени и на място със специален компютър.

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