Ultrasonic water meter Multical® 21

The device is designed for continuous operation, easy installation, and data collection.

Meter description

Water consumption is measured by ultrasonic signals that are reflected by mirrors, crossing the stream and recorded by sensors. Thanks to this technology the unit is devoid of moving parts in contact with water, which significantly increases its service life.

Multical® 21 is molded, hermetically sealed. It contains electronics that displays data on water consumption of large 8-digit display and also control the possible leaks in the system. The meter has a radio module for transmitting the data.

Power is supplied by a battery with a life expectancy of 16 years.

Ultrasonic water meter flowIQ® 3100

kamstrup flowIQ 3100

Ultrasonic meter flowIQ® 3100 of the Danish company Kamstrup is intended to take account of cold water. The main application is for industrial and large residential buildings.

The device has a long life and comfortable operation.

Meter description

The static ultrasonic meter has no moving parts, which makes it resistant to wear and solid particles in the water. flowIQ® 3100 is molded, hermetically sealed, which protects the electronics from moisture and prevents condensation of water between the glass and the large display.

The integrated radio module can be set for instantaneous read and read in fixed network. The meter has a powerful antenna that transmits a coded radio signal over long distances.

flowIQ® 3100 has a leakage control system, enabling rapid detection and removal.

Thanks to the unique combination of exceptional measurement accuracy, durability and built M Bus radio module the ongoing operational costs are reduced.

The meter has protection class IP68 and allows the use of water meters not only in rooms with high humidity, but also in the pits with water.


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