Compact Heat Substation for heating and DHW Dalsia Brunata HW+

Dalsia Brunata HW+ is a compact heat substation that combines heating and instantaneous production of hot water. Dalsia Brunata HW+ is very compact and can be wall mounted.


Dalsia Brunata HW+ is a completely isolated eco-efficient heat substation with an IHPT thermostat and ECL controller that produces both heating and hot water. The choice of components assures better cooling of the primary side and low heat loss. Therefore consumers enjoy maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption. With its compact dimensions, Dalsia Brunata HW + is completely "Plug & Play" solution, ideal for installation in smaller buildings and houses.


  • Compact size (750x300x950 mm) and low weight
  • Low pressure loss
  • Instantaneous production of hot water
  • Fully isolated in accordance with DS452

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